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Group Exercise Classes

Taking part in group exercise classes not only helps you boost your fitness in a different environment than the gym, but it also enables you to meet like-minded people and make new friends. Tri-Oracle Fitness has fully-qualified instructors for a selection of group exercise classes.

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PowerWave is a revolutionary cross-trainer that is guaranteed to unleash explosive core strength, physical endurance and a leaner toner you, no matter your age, ability or fitness level. PowerWave offers a unique experience for effective and diverse 20-minute functional workouts

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Fight Klub

Drum and bass music fans will love the underground club vibe associated with this martial arts based workout. Donning boxing gloves, you and your friends will be working with a floor standing punch bag in this combat style workout - ideal for releasing stress after a busy day! Mixing both cardio and strength work, you'll perform power punches such as hooks and uppercuts, as well as fast-paced jabs and crosses, front kicks and knees, as well as evasive blocks and ducks for a full body workout that engages your muscles and improves your cardio and stamina. Certainly a class to keep you fighting fit!

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3in60 Weights & Conditioning

3in60 Weights & Conditioning is a fantastic, full body fitness concept created by personal trainer, group exercise instructor and martial arts expert Daniel Duckett. The hour-long session is designed to work every inch of your body over three distinct sections. This includes a cardio segment, designed to ramp up the heart rate and get the respiratory system working to capacity, a weights and conditioning routine to help improve overall strength and muscle tone, and finally a core section to build stability across the layers of abdominal muscles. Not only does this class deliver a varied and exciting workout, with new combinations and routines each week, but it also equips you with the know-how and confidence to hit the gym on your own, teaching you new exercises you can factor into your own workouts.

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Fans of the original Fight Klub workout will love this latest addition to the franchise's class roster. Based on mixed martial arts (MMA), this feisty workout mimics the style of movements used in this popular contact sport, so participants will find themselves striking, grappling, punching and pummelling to really bolster upper body strength and lower body stamina. The workout uses Fight Klub's sMMAsh bags as opposed to its traditional free-standing vertical punch bags, so the equipment is specifically tailored for MMA practice. Presented as a circuit of exercises, each week will enable you to test your mettle with different moves and combos, ramping up your overall fitness, power, and stamina. This is a great option if you want to learn a new skill too.

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HIIT Resistance

While HIIT is best suited for burning calories and losing weight, resistance training is most effective at building muscle mass, so take yourself to the next level with a HIIT (High Intensity Interval training) & resistance Class!!

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Mini Ballerz

Football classes for age 4 and a half to 7 years. Introducing Fitness & Sport into a Childs life at an early stage is the key foundation to developing motor skills, co-ordination and balance. Through Football, being such a popular sport in the UK, this can be acheived in a fun and enjoyable way. As well as encouraging youngsters to mix and make friends in a like minded group and focus on team skills.

As Fitness & Sport professionals Tri-Oracle Ltd will offer a safe environment for your children to learn and develop with highly trained professional coaches. All instructors are fully DBS checked.

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