About Tri-Oracle Fitness

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Why are we called Tri Oracle Fitness?

We thought long and hard when we were naming our fitness business. We wanted an organisation name that would not only reflect what we do and the services we provide, but we wanted our name to support our values, our ethos, and what we want to achieve with our clients too.

For that reason, we came up with Tri Oracle Fitness. 'Tri' is from the word 'triangle' to represent strength; the strength we want to help you realise as you improve your fitness and begin to achieve your goals. The sturdy triangle will always distribute weight equally, no matter how much force is thrust upon it. We want to apply this balance into our own lives and fitness journeys.

'Oracle' signifies our relationship with you. As trainers, we have worked extremely hard to equip ourselves with a wealth of knowledge, and our team has experience in everything from nutrition to self-defence. We want to share this knowledge with you, and offer you sound advice so you can better yourself. While we may not be oracles that can see the future, we can help you work towards the future that you see for yourself or the future that you want to attain.

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